Blood in, Blood out: The beginning of the end of

Screen Shot 2014 02 21 at 5.37.22 PM Blood in, Blood out: The beginning of the end of

In 2004 a group of scarification artists got together at the 4th ModCon event in Toronto Canada and worked on a collaborative scar that utilized multiple styles and techniques on a client named Chris. Cutting, flesh removal and branding; each artist doing their part on the piece, sharing tips and tricks and inadvertently creating the Scarwars Project.

In 2005 we hosted our first event- a gathering in Philadelphia, PA that brought together seven of the world’s best scarification artists to continue the collaborative concept of the ModCon cutting; to work on cuttings/brandings, to learn from and to teach each other, and to unite the fans of a discipline of body modification that up until that point had no event to call it’s own.

We continued the events- 2006 on the West Coast and 2007 back in Philly- we updated this blog as content came in, only highlighting the best of the best. My good friend Ron Garza took the fun to the UK in 2013, hosting SCARCon in London. The message that we sent out in 2004 was received and people saw that cutting/branding could be art; the stigma that cutting was mutilation/self harm was finally getting some pushback by the really amazing folks who braved the pain and got these amazing pieces of art.

But over the years, the rest of the internet caught up with us. There are tumblr “blogs” devoted to scarification that post more images in a single day than this blog does in a year, reaching a far larger audience than we have. Quantity has far outshone quality and despite more than 10 people having accounts here on, it’s remained largely un-updated, with tumblr, instagram and facebook being the main focus for the artists who are trying to reach the biggest audience possible.

Today I clicked the checkmark to not Autorenew when it comes to the next billing cycle. When my contract on this DNS/Server expires, so will Scarwars.

Thanks for a really fun ten years, folks. While other outlets have always posted more content than this blog, I’m proud to have always posted the best of the best. It’s been a blast.

If you’re interested in Body Modification history, swing on over to
It’s updated frequently and will cover cutting/branding from time to time.

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Remembering Keith Alexander

trees ka Remembering Keith Alexander


Maybe there’ll come a time when I don’t stop and think about my friend Keith Alexander on the date of his passing. He’s someone who I think of often and perhaps making a big deal of one specific day will fade, in time.

However for the time being, I’ll still post my little memories with folks who share the loss every 11th July. I wrote a little piece on Keith for Modblog that you can check out here: should you be so inclined.



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Stay Calm

The Philadelphia area BME folks are communally working on a memorial event called STAY CALM to be held 27th April 2013 here in the City of Brotherly Love. (interestingly, Shannon lived here for a short period. I still hear stories of ‘that guy from canada with the big earlobes” from time to time)

Formatted like BME BBQs/events of days past there will be a park visit for more family oriented fun as well as private suspensions (still working on that) and finally a more festive memorial at a local bar owned by oldschool IAM members who like all of us were saddened by the loss of one of our oldest friends.

There is no fee for any of the activities (though some are 21+ by necessity) but we’re going to have donation buckets, ticket based auctions (working on raffle items now) and a few choice goodies available. `100% of the monies collected will go directly to Ari.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the folks who’re going to be coming to the event (169 and counting, with folks driving, bussing, flying and carpooling in!) and have been working diligently on hotel group rates and more perks.

If you use Facebook, you can check out the events page here:

If you’re considering coming, please RSVP so we can know how many folks to expect. We’d love to see you, whether you’re an oldtimer or a newer bme member. This is a safe space with NO drama or cliques, just friends who want to not only celebrate the passing of a dear friend, but to celebrate his life and the friendships created as a result of his work with BME/IAM.

There will be Photobooth set up that will update real time, as well as (we’re working on this- so no promises till we figure it out) a video booth option where you can record a personal message about how Shannon, IAM and the BME Community impacted your life. Those will be edited together and donated to BME, so friends all over the world who couldn’t make it can still take part in the community celebration.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragic loss. Please stop with the drama and the division- it’s time for our community to remember what we have in common, not what separates us.

With love,

Shawn Porter and the Stay Calm planning team of Carmela Porter (sylph), Robin Scott (Phoenixxx) and Brian Sowden (Perk900)

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Shannon Larratt: Rest in Peace

cropshawnshan Shannon Larratt: Rest in Peace

Shannon Larratt and Shawn Porter 1998

I have so much to say right now, but the words are regrettably not coming. In time I hope to have more to say, so much more, to remember my friend but right now it’s just all memories, good and bad, flooding my brain and making me smile despite the sadness I’m feeling. I’m sorry if I’ve been less than responsive to those of you who’ve called, texted and messaged me. Losing a good friend is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult when it’s someone as enigmatic as Shannon Larratt.

It was a death that brought us together, initially, in 1995. News of the death of my mentor Jack Yount reached Shannon who’s BME was a fledgling site at the time, and he sent his condolences and asked if I’d like to write something about Jack’s passing for readers of the site. I would have never thought that I would have to do the same for Shannon. It seemed like just yesterday that those emails started, getting to know each other and geeking out about Body Modification back when everything was still so new to us. Our friendship grew, and evolved. We had so many good times, so many weird times that I couldn’t even start for fear that I’d never stop… through it all we remained honest with each other even when the things we had to say weren’t pleasant. To my mind that’s what a true friend is.

Last year he posted this:

 Every time I see these old pictures I am reminded of how very, very, VERY different my life (and by extension, BME, and by extension of that, a lot of other people’s lives as well) would be if I hadn’t met Shawn at exactly the right moment (perhaps five years before this photo was taken). If I’d met him earlier or later it wouldn’t have been even remotely the same — it had to be that moment for all the pieces to fit. I am proud to have been a catalyst for change and growth in a lot of people’s lives, but in this case, it was Shawn that was the catalyst in my life. On one hand it’s amazing how life-changing sequences birth from chance and coincidence, and on the other hand, duh, what else would genesis be?

And here I sit, trying to make a coherent post about his passing, and I can’t. Shannon was a mentor to me, too. Our friendship changed from student to teacher and back again. He was someone who’s passion often counteracted my bitterness and vice versa.

Shannon.. If you think I was a catalyst in your life… words can’t even express what your presence was in mine. Had I known when we last spoke that it would have been the last time…

To the friends and family I met through him- My shared condolences. Please.. share a story, a memory.. anything.


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Atom- Efix Roy

efixatom Atom  Efix Roy

The other day, quite out of the blue, I got a text from my old friend Efix Roy. He was stuck at the Philadelphia Airport, and wondered if I had time to meet up. I biked back to my house from the center of the city with winds so violent it made me feel like I was biking in the mud, hopped in my car and made it to the Airport post haste to pick my stranded friend up for a quick lunch and hangout. It’s always good to see him and to catch up; I’m not even sure if we discussed scarification, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I spotted this cutting on his Facebook Page (which you can find here.
Clean lines, great placement…

efixandi Atom  Efix Roy

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